recent work


The process of change requires both big thinking and effective communications. I support my clients in shaping bold ideas and releasing them powerfully into the world.

I listen to my clients, ask powerful questions and serve as a catalyst from within to understand what matters most to my them, and then combine their expertise with my 30 years of experience. Together, we co-create the outcome, an alchemy that results from our collective knowledge and ability to access new insights unleashed through the collaborative and creative process.

This process takes a commitment of time, creative energy and considerable thought, but the payoff goes far beyond the investment. The ideas, stories and strategies we create are what bind a brand and communications program together over the long term. Ultimately, it’s what galvanizes internal teams and motivates external audiences.


Here are some recent examples of this process at work.


I am proud of the portfolio of projects that I led with my creative team at L Studio from
1996–2016, which serves as an important foundation for my work at New Agency.