Our inquiry for the Placedness Project explores two simple questions: “What is it that connects people to place?”, and “What inspires them to care for the places they love?” Our simple thesis is this: the more we can connect people and place, the more places we can protect and sustain.

We all know places of special significance to us, where we go in search of inspiration, solitude or adventure. We also know how important it is to protect and sustain these special places. 


On Valentine’s Day, we asked a small group of colleagues and friends to share stories with us about the places they have loved in their lives. The stories were wide and varied, all heartfelt. This is a collection of some of the responses we received.


We called this project “Placedness” with the intention of connecting “the sacred” with” place”, in hopes that this will inspire reverence and invite us to kneel down to the earth in gratitude, and give back to the earth more than we take. This is one thing we can all do. In fact, our life depends upon it, as does the future of our planet and all other species. We invite you to reflect on the special places in your heart, and share your stories with us.