Thinking at a century-scale for sustainable growth in a megaregion.


It started with an idea to expand their story and ended up as the “event of the century”.

TMG Partners is a privately-held full service real estate development company headquartered in San Francisco focusing on urban infill projects in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a highly respected leader in the region. I’ve worked with TMG’s CEO, Michael Covarrubias, and his team for more than 25 years. Together with my team at L Studio, I led the development of their corporate and project branding and communications over the years and helped create themes for their 20th, 25th and 30th anniversary celebration events. When I called Michael to suggest that we talk about how to incorporate his regional leadership as Chairman of the Bay Area Council and co-chair of CASA: The Committee to House the Bay Area, into the TMG story, he said “yes, and… let’s parlay that story into a forum in celebration of the company’s first third of a century.”

Through Michael’s vision (and incredible network), we curated a high-level group of speakers and filled the San Francisco Jazz Center with leaders in Bay Area real estate, business and government. The event was held in May of 2018, a time when the magnitude of issues in the region were as great as the region’s economic prosperity.

The ideas and forecasts shared by the forum speakers focused on what our region might look like in the next 1/3 of a century and how we might address the challenges of transportation, housing, energy and climate change as a megaregion. Guests left the event with their “minds buzzing” and “looking forward to the future.”

I contributed the creative ideas for the event while my colleague, Chad Upham of Covive, designed and delivered all of the event graphics (including a 33 1/3 LP as the invitation for this 33 1/3 year event held at the Jazz Center, of course!). You can enjoy excerpts from the TMG event here.

Marianna has always challenged us to improve.
She has enhanced the TMG brand immensely.
— Michael Covarrubias, CEO, TMG Partners